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The costs involved in asbestos removal continue to rise with the main costs being in the set up and disposal. The good news is that Amosite have broken new ground to try and reduce these costs for you. We have formed nationwide partnerships with a network of asbestos removal companies. This means that by using Amosite Ltd as a one stop service, we can not only negotiate a better price for you, but also save you time in the process. This network of licensed asbestos removal companies can remove all licensed asbestos as well as Notifiable Non Licensed and Non Licensed items. All asbestos containing materials are removed in accordance with HSE guidelines and Government regulations.

For each job, you will be provided with RAMS, consignment notes and air test certificates as required, to ensure that you have full documented proof that your asbestos was removed and disposed of correctly and safely. If you are a management client, we will upload your documents directly to your asbestos Management Plan.

Asbestos removal is not the only method of managing asbestos, in fact the HSE’s preferred option is to repair or encapsulate any damaged asbestos; unless the damage is such that it is a danger to health. We can offer advice on repair and encapsulation free of charge. Encapsulation can be provided in many different ways and is often more economical than removal.

Once repaired or encapsulated you can continue to manage it in situ with our asbestos management plan.

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Amosite Asbestos Removal Services

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Amosite Asbestos Management Solutions Cambridgeshire

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